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Training Registration

HSSV Shelter Seminar

We are now accepting registrations for our courses. Simply fill out the form below and make your payment.


After submitting the form, you'll be able to pay for the course in full ($600 for our self-paced 10-week course, or $400.00 for the self-paced 8-week Rescue Volunteer / Shelter Worker Course, or $350.00 for the 8-week Group Rescue Volunteer / Shelter Worker course). If you have 4 or more team members, your cost will be $300.00 (per team member) and you must list (in the Message section) the names of the team members who plan to register for the training. If you prefer to mail a check or money order payment, please indicate that in the message area of your Registration form (below).

You can also make your PayPal payment on this page in the blue box titled "PayPal Payments." If funding is an issue for you, credit is available through PayPal's Bill Me Later program which, if approved, gives you six months to make payments for the course. We also now accept credit card and debit card payments. If credit or debit card is your preferred method of payment, indicate this in the Message section below.

Upon receiving your registration and payment, we will e-mail you a receipt along with course information, WebEx user instructions, and an Introduction webinar for you to watch.

For More Information

If you have any questions or problems with registration, please email info@katalbrecht.com or call (206) 817-3204.

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