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Pet Tracker

by Kat Albrecht

Pet Tracker is the remarkable story of Kat Albrecht, the nation's first police detective turned pet detective. Her pioneering experiences are astonishing, revealing, and time-tested lost pet recovery methods that could one day help you, too. Originally published in 2004 (under the title The Lost Pet Chronicles), Pet Tracker weaves in Katís personal testimony of how God led her to find her unique "Life Purpose" as a pet detective.

Disillusioned by a police career where her bloodhound-tracking techniques and brilliant search dogs rarely got a chance to shine, Kat started training her retired Weimaraner, Rachel, to search for lost pets--with unbelievable results. To the amazement of her colleagues, Kat decided to make her unconventional use of search dogs a full-time career, in spite of being mocked and told she was "having a pipe dream" if she thought she could make a living as a pet detective.

Using investigative CSI techniques such as probability theory, behavioral profiling, forensic testing, and searches with scent-detection dogs, Kat Albrecht (and the other pet detectives she's trained) has helped thousands of pet owners locate their lost dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, ferrets, and other domestic pets. Along the way, Kat faced one-of-a-kind challenges and unexpected roadblocks (how do you convince a forensics lab to conduct a DNA test on a cat's whisker?), but these challenges have always been balanced by the unique joys of reuniting missing pets with their owners. Kat's unlikely career path and her unconventional spiritual journey to find her "life purpose" ultimately transformed her from a dissatisfied cop into a woman who found her true calling.

Readers of Virginia Lanier's Death in Bloodhound Red series will be intrigued by Kat's bloodhound tracking stories while fans of memoirs like Marley & Me and Merle's Door will find heart and soul in Rachelís inspirational story.

Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets

by Kat Albrecht

Dogs who have an aptitude for using their noses and who love to play with other dogs or kitties (or maybe ferrets) make great Dog Detectives. Everyone whose pet has disappeared knows the feelings of fear and helplessness when faced with the question, "What do I do now?" You can help create happy endings and make your dog a hero by training him to find lost pets using the step-by-step methods in Dog Detectives.

Retired police K-9 officer Kat Albrecht applies law enforcement based search-and-rescue techniques as well as forensic analysis to the challenge of locating lost pets. Like lost people, lost pets behave in predictable ways and once you understand these patterns and combine them with the talents of your canine partner you will be more successful in recovering a lost animal.

Kat Albrecht, author of Lost Pet Chronicles, is a former police Bloodhound handler, search-and-rescue manager, and police officer-turned-pet detective. Since 1989 she and her search dogs have successfully located criminals, physical evidence, missing persons, and missing pets for both police agencies and private clients. Kat has been featured in Reader's Digest and Ladies Home Journal as well as programs on Animal Planet. She is the founder of Missing Pet Partnership www.missingpetpartnership.org a non-profit that manages the first-ever pet detective academy. Kat lives in Clovis, California with her three dogs and three cats.

You will learn:

Canine experts endorse Dog Detectives:

"Give your dog a job! This valuable book will enable you to offer a viable, effective new service for pet owners. Make your dog a hometown hero!"
Marty Becker, DVM, best-selling author, Chicken Soup series, TV veterinary expert, columnist

"Wild applause for Kat Albrecht's work in establishing and promoting the emerging field of lost pet recovery. With this book others can learn her positive training techniques and benefit from her vast knowledge."
Pat Miller, Author of Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog

"This ground-breaking book is clearly laid out and addresses all questions anyone hoping to train their dog to recover lost pets is likely to have. Blending time-honored search and trailing techniques with her own innovations, Kat has come up with a very user-friendly training system."
Steve White, retired police K-9 officer, author of How Police K-9 Techniques Can Transform Your Everyday Training DVD