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Mission Mugsy: Day 17

Tuesday September 14, 2010 – 3:20 p.m. – Still no Mugsy. I talked with Vicki and they are no longer camping in the woods and no longer trying to attract her with sound (Misty meowing, recording of Etta’s voice, and normal calling of Mugsy). Instead, they are going to let things go quiet and see if that will calm Mugsy down enough for her to enter a trap. Vicki has three traps and two wildlife cameras set up in the area where Mugsy was captured on film on September 8th. It may take several more days before Mugsy calms down and responds to food again. I wish I had more to report.

Megan Reunited with Roxie

On a brighter note, Roxie the Boxer missing for 6 days up on Snoqualmie Pass was recovered yesterday afternoon! The Missing Pet Partnership neon posters and the tagging of Megan’s car (which she parked near the trail head) helped alert area hunters and hikers to be on the look out for her.

During the six days she was missing, Roxie ran from several people who had spotted her. Megan managed to narrow the search area down to an area near Kachess Lake. I had just met with a family friend to rent out two wildlife cameras (and a humane dog trap) that they were going to use to bait and capture Roxie when we got the phone call telling us that Roxie had been captured.

Megan’s mother had climbed into her kyak and was paddling along the shore of Kachess Lake when she spotted Roxie come from the woods onto the shore. As instructed, Megan’s mother did not call Roxie and she did not look at her. Instead, she began making the same whistling and calling noises that she makes when she normally calls all of the family dogs. It worked! Roxie came up right up to her and she was able to gently grab her. Jerry, Megan’s father, called me to thank me for helping his daughter and said, “I could kiss you, even though I never met you!”

After having a good laugh, I told Jerry they should look into purchasing a GPS collar for Roxie now that they know she can become so panicked that she will run from everyone when she becomes displaced. I am so glad their ordeal is over. We’re already onto the next cases here at Missing Pet Partnership. Today already we’ve worked on the case of a cat named Pepper who has been missing for 5 months but has been spotted nearby, received a request to search for a lost brown tabby, and received a request to rent our dog trap for a skinny dog living in the woods.

So many pet detective cases, so little time!

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