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Bebe: Peepless in Seattle!

Every once in awhile, we work an amazing investigation here at Missing Pet Partnership. The “Bebe Case” is certainly shaping up to be one of those cases and one we’ll use in our program to train volunteer pet detectives nationwide. This cat did what most panicked cats do–they hide in silence (thus the “peepless in […]

Let Us Help You Form A PET DETECTIVE TEAM In YOUR Community!

Have you ever wished you could do more to help dogs and cats in your own community? Now you can through an innovative team pet detective training program called “MAR” which stands for “Missing Animal Response.”

The MAR “pet detective” training program was something I envisioned way back in 1997 after my police bloodhound, […]

Cheeto Wheeto

Well, it’s official. My cat Cheeto’s little pinhead has blown up to match the size of his big flabby BUTT!

Cheeto: Too Famous for His Own Good!

After appearing on the local KOMO 4 news the other night and King 5’s program Evening Magazine tonight, interest for Cheeto’s work as a “target cat” has […]