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Hobbs for the Holiday

I used to love Christmas. As a child that is. But when I was just 17 my father died of a heart attack right before Christmas. In fact, today (December 21st) is the 33rd anniversary of Dad’s death. My father was buried on Christmas Eve and because of this the “Happy Holidays” are typically a […]

Tale of Two Cats: Burley & Keko

One of the more fascinating aspects of the work that we do at Missing Pet Partnership is our pioneering work in the analysis of lost pet behaviors. Back in 1997, when I first started my pet detective work, I was also a trained search manager with a local search-and-rescue team.

Kat & A.J. […]

Mugsy: Hoping for a Miracle

Several people have inquired about the Mugsy case so here is an update.

The family has NOT given up. While they have scaled back their efforts, anytime a sighting has come in of a cat in the general area, they’ve responded up there and either set a humane trap or camera. For the longest time […]