House As Trap

“House As Trap” is a unique lost pet recovery technique that Missing Pet Partnership advises some pet owners to use to capture skittish dogs and cats. The concept is that when you have a skittish pet that bolts outside and then returns to the home but won’t allow you to approach and keeps darting away […]

Remembering Monet

If you love cats, this will be a tough but very necessary blog for you to read. It involves the recent death of a beloved cat named Monet. Please don’t avoid reading this blog because you don’t want to read a sad story. Read this blog because Monet’s family needs for her death to help […]

I’m Holding my Cat Hostage in a Tree!

I hate asking for donations. Seriously. If I had a choice between having a root canal verses asking someone to donate to my organization, I’d take the root canal.

Yes…I Admit…I Hung My Cat in a Tree!

…but check out his face…HE'S HAPPY UP THERE!

And because I suck at asking for […]