Mission Mugsy: Day 31 ~ How We Decide

Wednesday September 29, 2010 –2:45 p.m. – So here’s the Mugsy low down. The stubborn Tortie has not been captured on camera since she gorged herself on a pile of cat food inside the wired-open trap on Weds Sept 15th. That was two weeks ago. Fourteen very long days. Long enough that the family […]

Mission Mugsy: Day 24: “GO INTO THAT @*%!&#*$ TRAP!!”

Monday September 21, 2010 –9:00 p.m. –I mean, seriously. Is anyone else getting fed up with this stubborn hoity toity Tortie? I suppose that it is expecting too much to be able to MAKE a cat like Mugsy do anything that isn’t her idea. Although, I must say, I’m probably a little too proud that […]

Mission Mugsy: Day 22 ~ Faith, Hope, and Love

Sunday September 19, 2010 –7:10 p.m. –Mugsy is still out there. The humane trap is set for a live capture so once the rain stops we’re hopeful that Mugsy will be caught. However, the rain won’t clear out until Tuesday so it could take a few more days.

The Love Tree

I could have […]