Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice (Tabu’s Story)

Volunteers Conduct Intersection Alert

THIS is how to recover a lost dog. We call it an “Intersection Alert” or a “Lost Dog Protest” and it grabs the attention of people. Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) has had great success with this recovery technique, including the rapid (15 minute) recovery of a lost Chihuahua named Sukhi […]

Lani’s Christmas Miracle

Making a “walk up find” on a lost dog using a tracking/trailing dog is one of the hardest types of cases that pet detectives work. Hundreds of hours go into training a dog to trail lost pets and it takes a special dog and patient handler to be able to effectively train a K9 pet […]

Love They Neighbor (And Their Cat)

One of the easier types of pet detective cases that I work is when I’m asked to find a “displaced” cat. Cats become displaced when they end up outside of their territory, like when an indoor-only cat escapes outside. Typically these cats are panicked and hiding in fear. The easy part of recovering them is […]