I love a good mystery. And when one of my (Missing Animal Response) students told me that a super friendly cat had showed up repeatedly outside his apartment and asked me what he should do, I suggested a paper collar.

My student already knew that we did NOT recommend taking the cat to the […]

All Hail King Cheeto

Last weekend, I faced a dilemma. I was scheduled to be in two places at one time. Location #1 was the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association’s Conference in Redmond, WA where I planned to shop my next book idea. Location #2 was the 2012 PAWS Community Hero Pet Awards ceremony on Bainbridge Island where my cat, […]

Cheeto Wheeto

Well, it’s official. My cat Cheeto’s little pinhead has blown up to match the size of his big flabby BUTT!

Cheeto: Too Famous for His Own Good!

After appearing on the local KOMO 4 news the other night and King 5’s program Evening Magazine tonight, interest for Cheeto’s work as a “target cat” has […]